About Dr. Dao


Sports Medicine and Surfing Medicine

Dr. Dao has been a consulting physician for the WSL World Championship Tour and Medical Director for the Hawaii Triple Crown of Surfing since 1997.  He has been Physician for "the Eddie" Big Wave event held at Waimea Bay on numerous occasions. As one of the physicians responsible for providing care for these elite professional surf athletes throughout the world, Dr. Dao has been invited to places such as Australia, Japan, Tahiti, South Africa, California, France, Ireland and Mexico.An avid surfer and sports enthusiast himself, Dr. Dao can be found surfing the big waves of Oahu’s North Shore each season.  His cameo portrayal and mention in the Universal Pictures movie "Blue Crush", was entertaining to  all who saw it, and confirms that Dr. Dao is the "North Shore Surf Doc". Dr. Dao is an Osteopathic Physician, providing quality Sports Medical treatments, and provides Osteopathic Manipulation as a part of his unique and highly sought after care.


North Shore Surfing Fans watching "The Eddie"


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